How did companies improve their business during the crisis?


The situation we have recently found ourselves in has for numerous individuals and organizations set an imperative - to virtualize business or stop business processes and wait for better times. Those who chose the second option, very quickly realized that virtualization is inevitable and that investing in this business segment has multiple benefits. Electronic signature is one of the services that experienced the greatest growth during the lockdown.

Saving in mind that e-Signature can take place at any time and in different places - in the office, in the field, within the organization or when sending a signature document to an external user - many entrepreneurs quickly realized the benefits of this service. In addition to making business easier, thanks to the European eIDAS regulation, which defines regulations and business standards, the application of e-Signatures is a safe way to implement business activities.

Whether it is a simple, advanced, or qualified level of e-Signatures which differ from each other technical prerequisites, documents being processed during the signing process are protected from unauthorized manipulation. In case of a court dispute and the need to determinate responsibility, the burden of proving responsibility is taking over by the party who filed the claim for damages

In a time when digitalization is an inevitable way to function and, we would dare say, the survival of any organization, we have prepared for you a special webinar that will answer questions: "How to make business easier while maintaining and (if possible) increasing efficiency?”. One way to do this is to implement e-signatures in business.

Therefore, sign up for our webinar e-Signing … compulsion or requisite? and find out how a service that increased the number of transactions up to 300% during the crisis only in the field of insurance can help you with that!


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