I think we’ve all experienced the trauma of lost post from a house move or a miswritten address.

IBM Sterling and containers are a relatively new technology for faster exchange of internal user data with external partners. But how should you be using them and what do you need to know?

As a basis for their IT solutions, many businesses have internally implemented finance/accounting solutions (ERP), document management solutions (DMS) mostly for archiving purposes, and possibly a customer relationship management system (CRM) to maintain records of cust

Digital workforce is becoming an increasingly interesting topic to businesses that have focused their business strategies on innovation or desire to grow faster.  

The term “digital transformation” is ever-present in and very important for companies that aim to keep up with the latest business trends.

Being crucial for successful and resilient business during a crisis, operational resilience is defined as an organization’s ability to change and/or adapt in times of stress, disruption or uncertainty.

In a rapidly changing world, organizations need unconventional operating models to survive.

COVID-19 has permanently changed consumer behavior patterns. A survey conducted by a global consultancy firm shows that 95% of consumers have significantly changed the way they live, work and shop.

Since 2020, the entire world has faced great uncertainty, insecurity, fear and business risks as a result of a crisis that has not been recorded for generations.

Business nowadays has seen many changes in document signing. An increasing number of individuals, businesses and institutions use digital documents instead of paper documents to perform their daily transactions.

In today’s digital economy, the secure and timely flow of data between customers, partners, employees and businesses is essential for organizational success.

Every company, regardless of size, wants to ensure long-term, stable and quality business management while providing customers with innovative solutions.

The situation we have recently found ourselves in has for numerous individuals and organizations set an imperative - to virtualize business or stop business processes and wait for better times.

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