e-Signing… compulsion or requisite?


While management teams are reviewing business after Covid-19 and lockdown, shifting the focus from short-term profitability and efficiency to resilience and business preservation, the question arises of how to proceed and in which direction to go.

If you want growth, one thing is inevitable - digitalization of your business.

Take a look at our webinar and find out:

  • how the number of transactions in the field of insurance has increased to 300%, thanks to e-Signature
  • why e-Signing is becoming a key item in (online) business
  • what business challenges e-Signature solves
  • what are the key questions that users ask when entering the project
  • how lawyers and technical team view e-Signature
  • how did some of our users, thanks to e-Signature, maintain efficiency during lockdown
  • an excellent example of a reaction to new situation and the story of a satisfied customer



… anywhere… anytime… on any device

… this is not revolutionary anymore … it is a reality!


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The situation we have recently found ourselves in has for numerous individuals and organizations set an imperative - to virtualize business or stop business processes and wait for better times.

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