Generali Investments raised the level of business with e-signature


Every company, regardless of size, wants to ensure long-term, stable and quality business management while providing customers with innovative solutions. The Slovenian company Generali Investments introduced e-signing in order to reduce paperwork and optimize business processes, but also to respond to the challenges of the GDPR and legal regulations that have encouraged many companies to digitize.

An important factor in making the decision to digitize business were their clients, who are increasingly turning to digital services. In order to improve the user experience and offer quality services, e-signing was a necessary step towards solving this challenge.

Industry 4.0 on the Slovenian example

Goran Djuratovič, director of financial advisory and sales, for TIS's webinar„e-Signing … compulsion or requisite“ said that the most important is to have the support of top management. Before entering the project, there was a fear whether the solution will be accepted by users of different generations, but great support in such situations was support of the IT department and TIS, which come to full expression in the implementation of TIS eSIG solutions.  The fear proved unwarranted because the solution was extremely well received by users, partners and employees.

Generali Investments uses all four electronic signing scenarios:

  • E-signature in branches/offices on dedicated signature devices on which documents are signed by clients
  • E-signature in the field where sales representatives go to their customers and allow the customer to sign electronic documentation on the spot
  • E-signature through a web interface that allows customers to sign documents remotely from their home on their computers, tablets or smartphones
  • E-signature within the organization that allows employees to electronically sign internal documentation

These four scenarios of electronic signing naturally complement each other depending on the business process, and some of the prominent advantages of the solution are:

  • Documents processed during the signing process are protected from unauthorized manipulation at every step of the business process
  • High level of security in the signing process because the signature information is included in the PDF document and can be verified through a standard PDF viewer
  • There is no need to come to the branch to contract a new service
  • Time required to process a document is significantly reduced
  • There is no need for print and scan documents - the signed document can be sent by foreign e-mail or displayed in a personal web application box
  • Signed documents can be automatically and permanently archived - paperless business is fully enabled.

Change your business for the better

The first wave of the crisis caused by Covid-19 required a quick response because no business can survive a closure for two to three weeks, especially not in the financial sector. Goran Djuratovič pointed out that due to the TIS eSIG solution for e-signature, they were able to continue working remotely practically continuously. E-signature made it easier to run the entire business by 80-90% because they integrated e-signature with other internal applications, so they could quickly adapt everything to full digitalization.

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