High quality standards and inovation broaden our level of services and markets

The Live ID software simplifies new client acquisition via consulting, educating users and selling support via video chat, text chat, or voice chat.

IBM® Sterling portfolio enables companies to consolidate all internet-based file transfers on a single, scalable, secure and central gateway while it also helps companies integrate all their complex B2B and EDI processes across partner communities in a single gateway.

Our employees are specialized experts in B2B integration, especially in the financial sector. Since our establishment, we have worked with more than 100 global clients on the implementation, development, installation and configuration of B2B integration solutions, especially in the Great Britain, Slovenia and Croatia.

An innovative and easy-to-use digital business application helps with managing processes in transportation and logistics.

The SIToolBox solution serves as a tool to facilitate management of integration platforms of large enterprises based on IBM Sterling solutions.

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