SENDD - System for Early Neurological Deviation Detection

After our annual media conference, which we held in the Technical Museum Nikola Tesla in Zagreb, Dragan Petric, the ruling authority on tech news in Croatia, had much to say about our health care AI. 


SENDD - System for Early Neurological Deviation Detection 

Watch out for this miracle. Here, in Croatia, an IT company - TIS GRUPA in cooperation with the most respected neuropediatricians in the country - Polyclinic Dr. Sabol, has developed an AI system that, based on the video footage of the baby's fidgeting, can diagnose a neurodevelopmental disorder, hardly noticeable at that age without several hours of examinations.  

Based on a short video of the baby, recorded with an ordinary mobile phone, it is possible to alleviate or completely stop several neurological diseases' progress and save the child's life! This diagnostic procedure is entirely free during the test period, which will last for a few more months. More about the project can be found on the webpage  

Little can astound me after so many years in IT, but this purposeful and simultaneously noble use and combination of modern technologies, not yet seen worldwide, is awe-inspiring!  

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