Future Tense main stage - Dženan Lojo, Director, TIS

During the 30 years of our TIS existence, we excelled through various industries, primarily the Fintech and Telco, where we made the most significant and long-lasting impact. Sure, over time, we had to adapt to the new market trends and demands, evolve our technology, and, at the same time, the experience and company development has brought us to the present superb competencies - we speak more computer languages than your average open-source AI!

And this is how we ended up as panellists on the most significant domestic, regional and world stages, where the future of innovation is - buzzing. Thanks to artificial intelligence in medicine and our SENDD, the Future Tense Conference has placed us on the center stage of technological progress - in healthcare too.

First, we would like to thank our TIS colleagues who developed SENDD with the help of experts from the Sabol Children’s Polyclinic. Without our specialized AI team, none of this would have been possible.

Equality, human rights, and customer care are all deeply embedded in our company philosophy, mission, and vision, from the beginning, in the 1990’s. Regardless of the industry, every solution we have developed has centred around this regard, the regard of the customer.

"The path to healthcare opened up after we first decided to apply for the European Fund for Research, Development and Innovation. After Doctor Krakar presented us with the idea of developing a system for the early detection of neurodevelopmental deviations in children, the project impressed us so much and inspired us to assign resources and people to get involved and help," said Dženan Lojo on the main stage.

Dženan reminded the audience of a more than 500-year-old piece of wisdom, that prevention is better than any medicine or cure, again pointing out that prevention is one of the main key features of SENDD.

"Our AI is based on video analytics, which is still a rare medical diagnostics’ method. This enables babies and their parent(s) to have a safe, painless, and non-invasive examination from the safety of their home. In addition, the pattern recognition of neurological deviations in a completely natural environment is significantly easier to diagnose for specialists. As a direct result, this diagnostic process is faster than ever, so the doctors can ensure timely help for parent(s) and devote even more time to patients who need their help" says Lojo.

“It has been three years since this collaborative project officially started, and our work will be complete once SENDD is available to every parent(s) and baby worldwide. We are so proud that we were able to prove our theses and develop a system that recognizes neurodevelopmental deviations with the same precision as a doctor's trained eye. From the technical side of the project, our AI has learned it is best, it is safe, and ready for commercial use. All we must do now is wait and see how the global markets will react and in which direction the commercialization process will take us," concludes Lojo.

We want to use this opportunity to thank the conference organizer, Komunikacijski laboratorij agency, for recognizing TIS as an industry leader in the filed, and placing us on the main stage of future-changing innovation.

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